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About Me

I am a Front-End Developer based in Bucharest, Romania.

Since 2015 I'm creating successful websites for different types of businesses, especially in fields like wellness, laws, education, and real estate.

I enjoy knowing your business, your goals, and how I can add value to your website to help you succeed.

After understanding your project needs, I can use my experience to determine the right tools and development methods. Usually, simple and efficient methods work best.

I like working with WordPress CMS, due to its flexibility and intuitive dashboard which offer the possibility to insert content easily. The WordPress sites I create are bespoke, specifically for the end-user.

I also work with JAMstack architecture (React, Next-JS) for a better experience, performance, and scalability.

I have been able to enjoy the success of projects working both as a freelancer but also collaborating with designers and web design agencies such as Quart Agency, YASS, Connecto Agency, VAV-Digital, Creativ89.

If you'd like to start a successful project, look no more for a developer for your website. Let's build toghether, contact me.

I'm also open to long-term collaborations with designers or web agencies.

Current stack__#html #css #js #wordpress #react #next-js #netlify

They say...

Daniela Dinu

I am proud of my online store made with love and professionalism by Lucian. I highly recommend!

Daniela Dinu
Ana Popescu

I’ve worked with Lucian to make my dream project come alive. Not only that he had the courage to take on the challenge, but he successfully nailed it and communicated throughout the life of the project with the utmost professionalism and clarity. He’s a real pleasure to work with, highly skilled, reliable and witty. Thank you for being a game changer to my online business!

Entrepreneur, Yoga Therapist & Actress
Ciobanu Claudiu

In a world where time is the most precious resource, Lucian's speed of reaction was what pleasantly surprised me. So my site was online faster than I expected. Very well indexed by search engines although my content is 95% video. Thank you!

Entrepreneur, Filmmaker
Razvan Ionut

Disciplined, hardworking and inventive. That's why we collaborate to develop and manage various projects, from different fields of activity.

Razvan Ionut
Entrepreneur, Owner